by Lucrecia

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A modern, and horrific, sonic reimagining of the poem "Solomon Grundy." More of a continuance, or a sequel, rather. I've loved the poem for years, and wanted to contribute to it. This is the story of Solomon Grundy's rebirth.


released January 24, 2014

All songs written and performed by Blackula.



all rights reserved


Lucrecia Richmond, Indiana

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Track Name: Graves Part 1, Born On A Monday
"Rise and wake!" Those three words... They ring and breech even the inner most confines of my mind.
Track Name: Graves Part 2, Graves
That wretched plot of death, from which the worms fed upon my flesh...
My tomb, it is no longer.
From the majesty of God, or rather, the blackest rite, my eyes are wide.
Carrion no longer. I will have what was torn away.

I stand!

A belated chance to rectify.
Solace from rebirth unto the living.
My hunger...
I beg for your touch.
For the warmth of your flesh, against mine, I swear I would die!

She's draped in mystery. A shroud of my own deceit.
Delusion, it may be, but bonds beyond depths of abysmal descent aren't as rare as one might think.
I can't escape the reality that she is mine, and mine alone, as I am hers.
Father hear my cries.
I'll sacrifice all that I am for a moment to glimps through my hand covered eyes...

I hear her calling...
Track Name: Graves Part 3, ReIntroduction
Lost all reason, yet, here you are, after so much has changed.
I have waited so long for this moment to see you.
To taste you.
The elegance...
Standing in front of me, yet so distant.
Your scent is over whelming as you dance by.
I see him...
It floods back to me.
Now... Now I remember why I've been so fucking cold.
In life and in death, I've been cast aside. Unwanted.
The time has come for my uprising. Father... Satan... My dearest...
Do you hear my words? I will not be forgotten!

I will destroy everything that you love in this God damned existence.
You will suffer just as I have.
Your fucking world will collapse.
Your heart will be ripped from your chest.
I will devour everything you hold dear.
A wraith, I have become...
I will feed off your anguish.