Graves Part 3, ReIntroduction

from by Lucrecia



Lost all reason, yet, here you are, after so much has changed.
I have waited so long for this moment to see you.
To taste you.
The elegance...
Standing in front of me, yet so distant.
Your scent is over whelming as you dance by.
I see him...
It floods back to me.
Now... Now I remember why I've been so fucking cold.
In life and in death, I've been cast aside. Unwanted.
The time has come for my uprising. Father... Satan... My dearest...
Do you hear my words? I will not be forgotten!

I will destroy everything that you love in this God damned existence.
You will suffer just as I have.
Your fucking world will collapse.
Your heart will be ripped from your chest.
I will devour everything you hold dear.
A wraith, I have become...
I will feed off your anguish.


from Graves, released January 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Lucrecia Richmond, Indiana

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